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Cocuu'tri'kze was the cocky type. He cavorted about and danced in the sunshine. It was late afternoon, and his friend Roc'sorren had found him. 'kze, which was what the others called him, tossed his mane and approached with a warm nicker.

"Gam'cha," 'kze says with a horse-like grin. "Come to race?"

Roc'sorren shook his head. "I want to talk," he said.

"You always want to talk," 'kze chided. He tagged the other crystal on the side with a small nip before cavorting away. "You wanna talk, you'll have to catch me!"

"'kze!" Roc'sorren called after him, but 'kze had already started running.

He realized early on that the grey and white and blue stallion wasn't chasing him, so he didn't go hide, he just waited patiently, while grazing. 'kze knew that some people might find him obnoxious, but he didn't mind. He knew Roc'sorren well enough to know when he needed to be harassed and riled and cheered.

After a while, Roc'sorren followed, casually and slowly. "Do you think we're in danger?" he asked.

"Don't be ridiculous," 'kze said, bending down to graze.

"I know we must help what we can, but... I'm worried."


"I tried to out-run this worry, but it just caught up with me again."

'kze waited, munching, head bent.

"The humans," Roc'sorren said at length.

"They have plenty of other islands."

"But eventually--"

"We won't be here for 'eventually'. It'll take centuries for them to fill that many islands."

"But our offspring--"

"They'll know the way out-realm."

"You're so certain about these things."

"Fate has a way of happening, despite good intentions, Roc'sorren. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be."


"No buts. There's only so much sun in the day, and standing here is making me miss it."

"'kze, I--"

"You worry too much," 'kze told him flatly and nipped him again on the flank. "Come on, oh fearless leader, and play, or else go bother the ladies."

'kze trotted back into the waning sunlight. It felt sooooo goooood on his back, he hardly noticed that Roc'sorren had left to go follow his advice. He chased dust motes and bugs and cavorted about, generally passing the time. It wasn't like he had any duties to fulfill, to himself or to others.

He was here for when they needed him, and any time between then and the next time, he could spend how he best knew -- existing and cherishing the moment.

He recalled his mother telling him once that he was a free spirit. Oh good Jessen'kze. She was a good mother.

'kze reared and bucked in the setting sunlight, happy in his thoughts. He couldn't think of a time when he'd been unhappy. So, content was what he supposed he had to call himself.

'kze the content. Oh, the others would laugh if they heard him call himself that. Trila would tell him he was too impatient to be considered 'content' and Chulain would shake her head in her own way and smile.

The sun cast huge shadows over the field, some from this island, some from others more westward. The light that was there was warm and red. The shadows were icy cold and full of the ocean breeze.

He danced more until it was full dark and the twin moons were rising. The larger one was orbited by the smaller one, which 'kze always thought was odd, but it was also none of his business. If moons wanted to do that, they were going to. Nothing he thought of logic could stop them.

By moonlight, his white patches flashed as he moved. But now it was cooling, even if the humidity was moving in. So, he headed towards his home, a small glade that he tucked away from itself, a shelter against the storms and others. He was certain no one else knew how to get in here.

Tucking some encroaching leaves back into their rightful place and taking a deep breath of honeysuckle, he dozed a little on his feet. Then, he lay down on his forelegs and brought his withers down as well. He yawned and closed his eyes, and let himself have a nice dream about sunshine and honeysuckle and cool ocean breezes in spite of the heat of the sun.



Pieces of Glass
Crystal Unicorn

No others at this time

Cocuu'tri'kze comes from The Valley Adoptions.

Name: Cocuu'tri'kze
Meaning: Pieces of Glass
Gender: Stallion
Parents: 080x012 (Dalli'trolai)
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Band: None
ID#: 550