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Second, Pleasantness

Noam comes from Nai's Glory.

Noam's unused Items:

Ancestral Armor from Grandfather - For use at Adult Stage

Noam's addition quilt:

No used Items

Home of Noam


ID#: ng043m
Name: Noam (0.0)
Charm of Nai's Glory
No sleuth yet

White male, Light Blue eyes
Golden Horn

No battle Stats yet.

Notes/Bio: Noam is the adoreable cubby Lilu received from the Winter Wonderland Hunt, because he was cursed and the mages of the Sleuth of Quiet Snow kicked him out just in case something irrevocable would happen. He is the son of the leaders of that sleuth, and doesn't talk much. This is mostly because he is busy listening. After learning about Noam Chomsky from Lilu, he has discovered his calling, and aims to be like his idol.