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First, Bright

Phoebe comes from Nai's Glory.

Phoebe's unused Items:


Phoebe's addition quilt:

Home of Phoebe


ID#: ng012f
Name: Phoebe (2.3, 2.2, 2.1, 2.0, 1.2, 1.1, 1.0)
Charm of Nai's Glory
Sleuth of Turning Leaves

Sunny female, gray eyes
Green hairtufts and mane, Black Appaloosa Spots, Silver Horn, Pearl Earrings, Leather Paw Guards, Fangs, Rose Tattoo, Broken Hearts Tattoo, Red Boa Hair Tufts, Black Foot Tuft Streaks, Studded Leather Collar

Life Points: 185
Strength: 65
Speed: 70
Intelligence: 55
Cunning: 63
Defense: 61 (Base: 55 + 5% from Leather Paw Guards + 5% from Studded Leather Collar)
Gnaw -- 40 Damage (augmented by fangs)
Drive -- 50 Damage (augmented by horn)
Bellow -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used

Glory Attacks:
Dignity in Glory -- 40 Damage

Redrawn: 20.07.05 by Bright Promise

Notes: Element of Glory heightened her speed and added silver gemstones on her body as well as a set of silver claws on her paws.

Notes/Bio: Cute little Phoebe isn't so little anymore, but she's still cute, and quite a looker, too. Easily on her way to becoming an influential mind and speaker in the Naisuk realm, she is helping found the Sleuth of Turning Leaves.
She is still opinionated and loud and obnoxious, but she's maturing to be able to handle others' insight. Not very well, mind, but she's working on it, dammit. Her driving goal right now is to restore some of the bridges she burned as a cub and to become a Glory/Chaos dual elemental. Then, it can be all about her and no one can yell at her for saying things just to be contrary. And the double elements will help her achieve a true neutral standpoint on things, which is really something she wants to be able to do. Too often, she thinks, people are clouded by preconceived misconceptions. The least she can do is try to dispell those.
That's not to say she's not still the authority-balking punk of her younger stage. Not at all. She's still rough, tough, and ready to rumble. She'll pick a fight when she sees fit, challenge what doesn't make sense, and drop everything for Shakespeare. Because she can.
And no matter how big she gets, still ain't nothing gonna hold her down.